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NOTICE: PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Roadware Concrete Repair Products are for qualifyed and trained professionals. All Roadware products are sold through local commercial distributors throughout the USA and Canada. If you are contractor or industry professional, please click here to find your local distributor or call at:







Welcome to the

Roadware Public Relations page.

Roadware is committed to working with representatives of the media to deliver timely and revelent news and information about Roadware products and industry trends. Please contact Kelton Glewwe (651) 457-6122 for all media requests. Please feel free to download and publish the press releases and photos below as necessary.

Press Releases

New Decorative and Polished Concrete Repair System

Needle Tip Crack Injection

Concrete Polishing: Crack, Joint and Spall Repair Are Critical To Lasting, Quality Jobs. (PDF)

Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards Easily Repaired

Revolutionary repair product Microdowels™ concrete back together

When shutting down a floor for repair is not at option.

Permanent Frozen-Floor Repairs in an hour.

Photos for Publication

Higher resolution photos available by request. Click here.



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New Equipment Digest has named Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender as an Excellence In Innovation Finalist. Click on the left to see the listing and click here to visit New Equipment Digest.

Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender is featured in over a dozen June 2001 trade publications including the following:

California Builder Exchange
Pacific Builders Exchange
Rocky Mountain Construction
Texas Contractor
Construction Bulletin
Midwest Contractor
Western Builder
Construction News
Dixie Contractr
Construction Digest
Michigan Contractor and Builder
New England Construction